UVD Robots

UVD Robots was founded in 2016. Its headquarters is in Odense, Denmark. It is a subsidiary of Blue Ocean Robotics that develop, produce and sell professional service robots for humans.

Hospital Acquired Infections are a significant and increasing problem in the global healthcare sector, where each year millions of patients are infected and thousands of patients die due to infections acquired during hospitalization. Furthermore, the HAIs result in significant extra costs for hospitals, due to additional days spent in bed, readmissions and reduced operational efficiency.

Our philosophy is centered around integrating proven UV-C germicidal industrial solutions with new advanced robot technologies creating innovative products helping the healthcare industry in the eradication of harmful pathogens and superbugs, thereby making healthcare and other environments safer and improving quality of care around the world.

Our mission is to save patients lives by making healthcare facilities safer and minimizing spread of bacteria and reducing healthcare-associated infections.

The UVD Robot destroys hospital bugs

The UVD Robot destroys hospital bugs

“UVD Robot” by Blue Ocean Robotics drives autonomously and eliminates bacteria and other harmful microorganisms on all contact surfaces in hospitals.

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