Tectales – where the future of healthcare begins

For nearly 30 years ‘EUROPEAN HOSPITAL’ has been one of the leading publications to provide up-to-date information and profound insights into the scientific and economic developments in European healthcare - in print and online.

Today, advances in healthcare are strongly driven by information technology and engineering - even more so than in the past. From 3D printed and smart bionic prosthetics over augmented surgeries to artificial intelligence (AI) that help to treat illnesses – what was once stuff of science fiction is now medical reality. 

Tectales offers researchers and practitioners the opportunity to learn about both theoretical advances and practical applications of emerging technologies in medicine such as 3D printing, AI, Augmented & Virtual Realities, Robotics & Bionics, Wearables & Sensors as well as cutting-edge (Bio)Tech and IT solutions like CRISPR blockchain - all on one platform.

We aim to develop a roadmap of the future of health technology, by deep-diving into the emerging technologies and showcasing the sparks and solutions as well as platforms and players. The ultimate goal is to build a comprehensive guide where those interested can learn about the medical technology of tomorrow.

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